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Discover the Benefits of Smart Home Control

A woman walking between the pool and the kitchen. An overlayed Savant app displays the dining room and kitchen.

Manage Your Home Effortlessly

In the continually evolving world of the modern home, technology has become a way of life. Gone are the light switches, manual shades, and multiple remotes. In their place is one single, intuitive app. At least if you live in a Savant smart home.

At WH SmartHome, we partner with Savant, the industry leader in luxury home automation. This advanced system allows us to provide you with a home that’s effortless to manage and extremely enjoyable. 

Let’s explore the latest advancements in smart home control and how it’s enhancing homeowners’ lives in Collin County, TX. 

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Unparalleled Convenience

Imagine having a personal assistant preparing your home just how you want it, adapting it to your needs and moods for every occasion. Long day at the office? They’ll dim the lights and transform them to the color of the setting sun. Then, they’ll turn on some soft, relaxing music in a pure, high-fidelity sound that fills your home. Would you like your outdoor oasis to refresh you? They’ll heat the spa, turn on the landscape lights, stream Enya through landscape speakers, and ignite the fire pit.

Of course, having a personal assistant by your side 24/7 could become a little irritating. Letting a Savant smart home take the reins will give you the privacy you seek while managing your home effortlessly. 

The Savant App

You can control your entire home from the Savant App, whether on a mobile device, touchscreen, or remote. Profiles for family and friends ensure everyone can access their favorite settings while keeping your home secure. 

With one touch, you can transform the hue and intensity of your lighting, lock all the doors, raise or lower the window shades, control your TVs and music, and more. It’s a comprehensive system that integrates with over 300,000 third-party devices, which means, if it’s smart, Savant can probably control it.

Always in the Know

Savant gives you a comprehensive view of your home or individual rooms. With a glance, you can see which lights and audio video are on, if the doors are locked, if the shades are drawn, and the climate in each room. Then, with one touch, you can manage them all. 

Managing Multiple Systems

To make life even easier, we can program the system for the different activities and moods that make up your day. Whether entertaining, working, or relaxing, you can pull up a scene that creates the ideal setting.

For instance, tap ‘Entertain,’ and the lighting illuminates your home in golden candlelight, your chosen playlist streams through in-ceiling speakers, the shades open, and the doors unlock to welcome your guests. When the evening ends, press ‘Good Night,’ and the AV turns off, the lights dim, the doors lock, and the alarm arms.

Remote Access

No matter where you are in the world, you can pull up your app and gain access to your home. Ensure the kids lock the doors, view the live security camera feed, turn on the irrigation system, or lower the shades. 

Are you ready to control your entire home from the palm of your hand? We’re here to help. To learn more about smart home control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact WH SmartHome today. 

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