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    Welcome to the world of unparalleled entertainment at home! Welcome to the best Home Theater provider in Dallas!  

    Picture yourself in a  dedicated space where you can unwind, kick back, and immerse yourself in your favorite movies with cinema-quality audio and video. No more interruptions or distractions – just the perfect weekend getaway right in your living space. 

    Imagine the luxury of enjoying a cinematic experience without sharing the room or contending with the glow of mobile screens. Our home theaters are designed to create an oasis for relaxation and an escape from the outside world. Each one of our home theaters are designed to fit your space and needs. Join us in elevating your weekends to a whole new level of comfort and entertainment. Welcome to the ultimate home theater experience!

    Media Rooms in Dallas

    Media Room Screen

    Whether you have a dedicated media room or just a space shared with the whole family, WH SmartHome will design the perfect media room and movie viewing experience for your family.

    Our talented and experienced home theater designers and  installers have created some of the best media rooms in Dallas. We’ll design the perfect room for your home and make sure all those messy wires and piles of remote controls are a thing of the past. 
    Our designers will ensure it meets your budget, and needs

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    Home Theaters in Dallas

    Everyone has a different home, different preferences, and different needs. WH SmartHome is here to bring your specific private cinema dreams to reality.

    We will work directly with you to make sure your private movie area is everything you ever thought it could be. From choice of tv or large screen to speaker and furniture placement, WH SmartHome has the best private cinema installers in Dallas.

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