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A Home isn’t really smart without you having the ability to manage and control all your energy needs.

Whether you are building, remodeling or simply adding new features to your home, a well planned energy system is critical for all your applications. A smart Energy management system will allow you to monitor and control the power in your home, making your home resilient regardless of possible outages from the grid, prioritizing what matters the most to you when you need it. Additionally a well planned low voltage wiring system will ensure all your elements work seamlessly in your home.

If you are a builder looking to add technology to your homes we are here to help you. While you focus on building the house we are happy to partner with you and work directly with your customers to ensure they get the future-proof home they are looking for !

Low Voltage Wiring

Whether you are building, remodeling or simply adding new features to your home, a well planned low voltage wiring system is one of the first things you should consider.

Although wireless technology has become extremely popular, and most homes widely rely on it, wireless technology has some limitations which can lead to devices being unresponsive, slow browsing, poor streaming experience and general frustration. The proper balance between a wireless and wired solution for your entire home will give you the best results.

Energy Monitoring & Management

Energy Monitoring

A home with a smart power management system will allow you to monitor, manage and automate all your energy as part of the foundation of your smart home.
With a smart energy system, you'll have

- Real Time and historical Energy Insights, including top consumers, production and consumption over time.

- Energy modes, allowing you to proactively manage your energy based on the state of the grid, time of day and utility rates.

- Notifications and alerts allow you to keep your system running as needed by informing you of grid outages, battery levels, production data and more.

Understanding your energy usage, monitoring it and prioritizing it in your home has never been easier. Do it all from your phone. WH SmartHome can integrate your electric and solar system to your home automation system allowing you to understand exactly what is going on in your home.

Backup & Emergency Power

Energy Storage Solutions

WH SmartHome can offer a variety of integrated storage solutions that will integrate seamlessly in your home and automation system, putting you in control of your energy at any level.

Prioritize storage based on incoming weather events or high rate times to ensure you are ready for anything coming your way.

We can install backup generators, solar power systems, or home batteries to make sure you have power during your most critical needs. Don’t let a snowstorm or thunderstorm impact your home or office.

Surge Protection

Electric surges can damage your electronic devices, costing thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement, and large amount of downtime.

SmartHome can ensure your electronic devices are protected individually or through a whole home surge protection system, ensuring your investment is always safe, and you can enjoy them.

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