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See All That’s Possible with Smart Home Automation 

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Smart Homes Are More Than Just a Smart Speaker! 

There are many ways to divide the world, but since home technology is our domain, we’ll say there are two types of people: those who are eager to adopt smart home technology and those who need a little more convincing. 

Some folks imagine smart homes are still like science fiction or The Jetsons, with gadgets beeping and disturbing the peace. But in reality, modern home automation systems blend discreetly into the fabric of your home, only helping you save time and add beauty and comfort to your house. 

Even the most technologically averse people can’t deny the wonder of smart, tunable lighting or the joy of multi-room audio. Are you interested in learning more? Here’s all that’s possible in your Allen, TX–area home when you incorporate smart home automation. 

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Whole-Home Audio & Video 

Music enjoyment doesn’t have to be siloed in one room. A home automation system lets you listen to music across the whole house, connecting a network of speakers to play in unison. You’ll select speakers and media from your smart home interface, and enjoy through every room—and outdoors, too! 

The same can be applied to movies and TV as well. You can access all your digital library on every display through the smart home system, pausing a movie on one screen and continuing on another. All your favorite streaming services, from Spotify to Netflix, are accessible through the home automation system. 

Lighting & Shading 

Set the mood for any time of day with color-tunable LED lighting. With a swipe on a screen or a tap of a button, you’ll control the entire house’s lighting, saving time as you come and go. You can automate motorized window shades to follow your routine so you always have ample sunlight or privacy when you need it. 

Smarter Security 

Check surveillance camera feeds, disarm door alarms, and activate smart locks with the same smart home system you use for lighting and entertainment. You can even keep an eye on your home when you’re far away, and control technologies remotely. Turn on the lights, monitor cameras, and speak through your two-way intercom system—even if you’re halfway around the world. 

HVAC & Comfort 

Heating, air conditioning, and even ceiling fans can be controlled and automated through your home system. Set your thermostats to a schedule, or remotely turn on the AC, so the house is cool when you walk in the door. 

All Controlled & Automated from One System 

The greatest thing about a professional smart system is that everything is consolidated in one easy-to-use platform, like Savant. You don’t have to juggle between different remotes or apps to manage your home’s technologies. So imagine as you return home from work, lights automatically turn on, the AC starts, and motorized shades lower all at once and your favorite music starts playing so that you can sit down and relax after a long day.

Are you ready for smart home living? If you’re curious to learn more about Savant and a professional home automation installation, WH SmartHome is your destination in the Allen, Texas area. Contact WH SmartHome to learn more and get started today. 

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