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What’s Possible with Lighting Control?

Savant Ascend lighting control keypad on the wall with a living room and wooded scene visible in the background.

Discover the Power of Illumination in Your North Texas Home with Savant

Imagine coming home at the end of a long day and your home welcoming you. There’s no more driving up to a dark garage or patio because you forgot to turn the light on before leaving. Because of a preset schedule, your landscape lighting turns on automatically at dusk to add fabulous curb appeal and safety to your property. 

Indoors, living spaces are illuminated to provide a safe passageway through your Frisco, TX, house while simultaneously enhancing your curated art collection. And if you need to change the brightness of a room, simply say a voice command or tap a button on an on-wall keypad to make adjustments on the fly. With Savant lighting control, it’s all possible – find out how below!

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Savant Lighting Control

Savant is a well-known leader in the home automation industry, with sophisticated and intuitive control systems that put the power of connected devices at homeowners’ fingertips. Over the years, other cutting-edge lighting-affiliated brands have come to partner with or be acquired by the company, including USAI and GE Lighting. With these connections, Savant can now bring exceptional innovation to the lighting control and automation space. 

Now, luxury homeowners can incorporate full-color spectrum technology in smart LED fixtures that empower them to shift the ambiance of living spaces within seconds! Choose from a warm glow, classic or tunable white, or any other color along the spectrum by swiping on an app, speaking to a voice assistant, or tapping a button on a beautiful on-wall keypad. Your fixtures adjust accordingly and showcase your home in its best light.

Human Centric Lighting

Tunable LED lights allow you to recreate the hues of sunlight while indoors. This is a vital tool since light is critical to overall wellness, sleep patterns and sleep. Savant offers a Daylight Mode that tunes to your circadian rhythm based on your home’s location. This circadian lighting works to reset your internal clock and in turn improve your sleep and wake cycle. Daylight Mode will adjust lights throughout the day to follow the sun’s path without you having to lift a finger. If you need to change the tone or temperature of the light for any reason simply press a button and it will adjust to your needs.

The Savant Pro App

Everything seems to have a smartphone app these days, and the Savant Pro app elevates your daily living experience. Take a photo of the lighting in the room with the TrueImage feature, which lets you adjust the smart LED bulbs from the convenience of the app. Slide your fingertip along the color wheel to change the tone or brighten the lights if the sun shifts behind a cloud and makes the room too dark to read a book on a relaxing afternoon.

Savant lighting control allows homeowners to adjust fixtures one by one, room by room, and floor by floor. Several fixture styles are available, from recessed, pinhole, cylinder or square pendant, and accent lighting strips. The WH SmartHome team will help design a lighting control system that’s intuitive to use and makes your home look its best. 

To start a conversation about your lighting control and automation needs, our team is here for you throughout your project. Fill out our contact form here or chat with us at the bottom of your screen to start a conversation about your North Texas home’s possibilities.

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