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3 BIG REASONS Your Home Needs Enterprise-Level Wi-Fi

The home automation experts at WH Smart Home strongly recommend enterprise-grade Wi-Fi for any home automation project, which often comes as a surprise to many of our customers. Seems like overkill, we’ve heard before. Why do I need an enterprise-level system just for my home? 

Glad you asked! Here are 3 amazing reasons your house needs enterprise wi-fi:

1. As technology evolves, it puts ever-increasing demand on the processing power of your WiFi

Evolving Home Automation Technology | WH Smart Home

An average household in the US today has over 20 devices connected to their internet, each one of them consuming a portion of the bandwidth and processing power of the network. Therefore, your network is the single most important element in any home automation project. 

The reliability of your internet connection is such an integral part of our day-to-day lives, it’s become almost as important as electricity itself. Without a strong internet connection, not only do you lose the ability to complete remote work or schoolwork, but you also lose all your music, TV/stream services, and most of the functionality of your connected devices. 

If you’ve experienced an outage, you’ve seen firsthand how everyone at home is thrown into chaos!

2. Only enterprise-level systems are structured to provide 24/7 connectivity

Enterprise gear is designed with higher processing power that works nonstop 24/7, making sure that the critical elements in your home are always available when you need them.

They also designed these devices to make troubleshooting a breeze. The installers of enterprise systems fully understand how the entire backend of the system, which means they can troubleshoot quickly and efficiently should an issue ever arise. Compare this to the typical (and frustrating) “Did you try rebooting the modem?” troubleshooting of average home internet providers.

24 Hour Network Connection | WH Smart Home

3. Cheaper options do not offer the processing quality that is required of devices today

Cheaper isn't always better | WH Smart Home

While there are certainly inexpensive options for Wi-Fi connectivity, these cheaper alternatives do not provide the processing power that is demanded of a modern home automation system. As technology has developed, so has the complexity of networks, the complexity of the devices, and the overall amount of devices that are connected to our systems.

With the internet being such a critical part of the modern household, the quality of your system should not be taken lightly.

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi gives you peace of mind for the future

The age of simple technology has passed. Networks are only going to get more and more complex, and the demand on your network, bandwidth, and processing power is going to continue increasing exponentially.

With an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi system, you can rest easy knowing that you have a robust infrastructure that will keep up with the technological advances of the near future. This assurance of quality is why the Wi-Fi network can be one of the most expensive elements in any home automation system, but we hope this article clarifies the reasoning behind this worthwhile investment.

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