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Why Have a Smart Home?

There are several reasons why you may want a smart home.

Firstly, a smart home offers unparalleled convenience and control. With the ability to automate and remotely manage various devices, such as lights, thermostats, and security systems, you can effortlessly enhance your daily routines and make adjustments from anywhere using your smartphone or voice commands.

Secondly, a smart home can contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings. By integrating smart lighting, thermostats, and appliances, you can optimize energy usage, reduce waste, and lower utility bills.

Thirdly, smart homes provide an added layer of security. With features like smart locks, cameras, and alarm systems, you can monitor and protect your home remotely, giving you peace of mind.

Lastly, the interconnectedness of smart devices enables seamless integration and customization, allowing you to create a personalized and futuristic living environment. Whether it’s creating ambient lighting scenes, playing music in every room, or having your coffee ready in the morning, a smart home can bring convenience, energy efficiency, security, and personalization to your daily life.

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All Homes can be automated and made Smart Homes with simple additions!

Depending on what you want to integrate we can choose a specific set of devices to automate your existing home and its components. No need to buy all new things.
Of course! a well designed smart home allows for you to constantly add and upgrade your devices without having to buy everything all over! Just add as you go!

There is a large variety of Smart Devices, some of them may be compatible with the proposed system while some others may not. We will always of our best to ensure we use what you already have.

Absolutely not! Anyone can control and operate a smart home. We will work with you to make sure everyone at home knows how to operate and control it.

This will depend on the system proposed, the needs for your home, and the licenses required for your particular situation. We will always be upfront and let you know if this is the case.

We work for you! That means we won’t sell pre-packaged options that may not fit your needs. We will design exactly what you need for your builder and technology partner to wire during construction.

Unfortunately most times, the technology partner has pre-configured options and is not interested in designing a custom solution to fit your needs, causing you to spend more than necessary and not get exactly what you want.

Contact us as soon as you know you’ll be building a new home, that way we can plan together and have all plans by the time you need them.
Some Elements need to be considered at blueprint stage (such as lighting elements) and some other can be done a little later. 

If you are building a custom home we will work with you during the entire process to make sure we wire your home and have everything ready for the technology!

Your home network is the brain controlling your entire system, so if you don’t have a reliable stable connection your home won’t respond as expected.

If that’s the case we will work together to ensure we eliminate all the dead spots and have a fully stable connection thorough-out the house.
Having a single location and app for you to manage your home is the right way to do things! Don’t worry, we will centralize all your controls in a single app and a wall control for you to have access to your home.

No, We can install an amazing media room wherever you want it! We can design it to fit into your space seamlessly. We can hide the screen or integrate it to your decor.

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