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Home Automation & Technology Consulting in Dallas

Home Automation allows a home to be fully connected, bringing all
your systems and devices together to be controlled with the touch of a button
or a simple voice command.
if you’ve ever wanted to simply press a button before going to bed and having
your home lock doors, lower the window shades,
set the thermostat to a cooler temperature and turn off all the lights,
then a Smart Home is definitely what you need!


Get high quality audio in every room from a
central location.

Having the right audio equipment will ensure
you always enjoy your music or movie watching
in the highest possible quality without sacrifi-
cing the look and aesthetics of the room.

Have each room playing something different or
bring them all together for a perfect night enter-
taining your friends and family, and do it all
from your phone, remote or touch panel.

Do you want a movie like experience at home?
in a dedicated space and have a full home thea-
ter? Or do you want to sit by the fireplace and
watch your favorite show?

No matter what you choose, get the best tech-
nology for your space, making sure it all fits
nicely in your home, and is easily controlled
with a single interface on your phone, tablet or
remote control.

Internet of Things enables virtually anything to
be controlled remotely on your phone or tablet;
however, having dozens of apps makes it hard
to do so.

Integrate your devices and systems into a
single app will allow you to take full advantage
of smart technology and have it simplify your

Control your pool settings, or maybe your
coffee maker in the mornings! We will make
sure your smart devices really fit into your lifes-
tyle by making it easy to control.


Lighting in your home is a lot more than a few
light bulbs.

Lighting can help you set the mood for a spe-
cial occasion, help with your wellbeing by
adapting throughout the day helping your body
with its natural circadian rhythm and make your
spaces feel complete.

In addition, controlling it all with a touch of a
button or a voice command gives you ultimate
comfort and integration

Motorized window shades allow you to adjust
the amount of light coming into your rooms
based on the time of day, or your needs. They
also allow you to protect your home from harsh
rays while providing a soft light to complement
your home.

No need to go around your home multiple times
a day to adjust each shade. Do it all from your
phone, or let your home adjust automatically
based on your settings.

Combine Lighting and window shades for even
more control on the perfect ambient in each

Climate Control allows everyone in your home
to be comfortable at all times, while also hel-
ping you save money on your electric bills.

With an integrated climate control you can
adjust the temperature and humidity in your
home based on time of the day, pre-defined
scenes and make sure each room is at the per-
fect settings.


Gain complete Access Control for your home,
integrating door locks and garage doors into y
our system, allowing you to always know when
a door is left unlocked, automating them and
integrating them into a scene, making your life
easier and a lot safer!

Imagine just setting the “good night scene” on
your phone and having all doors lock and
garage doors close, making sure you and your
family are tucked away safe for the night.

Video Surveillance will allow you to see what's
going on in your property at anytime, keeping
your loved ones safe.

A properly designed and integrated surveillance
system will also allow you to integrate the
system into a single app where you can moni-
tor and trigger events based on the activity at
your home.

Video Doorbells are a great way of answering
the door no matter where you are.

The video doorbell can also be integrated into
your home system, giving you even more
control, allowing you to get alerts when someo-
ne is at the door, locking or unlocking the door
and a lot more.

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