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Don’t Count Wired Out: When Hybrid Home Networks Work Best 

Close-up on home networking Ethernet cables.

Bring Fast, Reliable Internet to Every Area of the House 

We’re living in an era of wireless technology. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are ubiquitous—who uses cables anymore? 

Well, believe it or not, wired connections still have their place in certain home networks. If you’re struggling with issues like slow speeds, latency, and interference—especially while gaming or streaming—you may benefit from hybrid home networking solutions. 

What do we mean by ‘hybrid’? Read on to see if your Collin County, TX, home is a good candidate for a hybrid home network. 

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Three Types of Home Networks

Home networks can be built in one of three ways: 

  • Wireless: Connects devices to the internet over Wi-Fi via a router or wireless access points 
  • Wired: Connects devices to the internet through Ethernet cables  
  • Hybrid: A network that uses both Wi-Fi and wires to connect devices to the internet 

Most homes today use exclusively wireless networks. Could your home benefit from changing that? 

Signs Network Needs Help 

The first clue your network needs help is if you’re experiencing slow speeds, Wi-Fi dead zones, or lagging and latency while gaming or streaming online. What could be causing this? 

Several factors that lead to poor wireless signals, including: 

  • Living in a large house with many rooms 
  • Living in a house with stone, concrete, or brick walls 
  • Many people using the network at once 
  • Owning many wireless, Wi-Fi-enabled smart devices 
  • Using outdated networking hardware (routers, access points) 

Your house itself or the number of devices you use could be hindering your network. Luckily, there are ways we can fix this.  

Solutions for Better Internet 

We wouldn’t ask anyone today to use only wired internet connections. We know everyone still needs Wi-Fi to use their smartphones, laptops, and other handheld devices. 

So we’re sticking with Wi-Fi, but how can we fix it? Upgrading your router is a smart start. Wi-Fi 6 routers (802.11ax) are much faster than previous Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) hardware and can communicate with more devices simultaneously. As you obtain new technology, they’ll perform much better on Wi-Fi 6—and with more security against cyber threats. 

But what about those areas that can’t receive a Wi-Fi signal—or areas that absolutely depend on a strong connection, like the office or home theater? In these situations, we recommend wiring devices to the network. This way, you can reliably stream movies, join video calls, or play video games online without experiencing interference. 

Let Us Fix Your Home Network 

WH SmartHome in Collin County, Texas, knows home networks. We’ll assess your home’s situation and design a network system tailored to your unique needs. We discreetly install wiring and wireless devices that blend into your home’s interior and are here for any issues you may experience. 

Contact us here or send us a message below to upgrade your home network today! 

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