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Don’t Stop the Music Once You Step Outside!

outdoor seating area with in-ceiling speaker system.

A High-End Outdoor Speaker System Brings Your Favorite Entertainment to the Entire Property

How do you currently enjoy music, podcasts, TV audio, and audiobooks once you step through the back door? If you’re still carrying around a portable Bluetooth speaker and waiting for your device to connect every time you want to be entertained, then it’s time to reassess how you listen. 

A professionally installed outdoor speaker system brings high-performance sound to your backyard spaces, from poolside to patio and beyond. Read below to explore a few of our favorite speaker styles to incorporate into our clients’ backyard spaces in Allen, TX. Keep scrolling below to learn more!

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Why Outdoor Speakers?

Weather-resistant speakers are sure to be a hit year-round, with specially encased in-ground speakers and subwoofer options meant to be left outside regardless of the weather. The delicate electronics inside are protected with corrosion-proof materials and sturdy construction that prevent water, wind, insects, and debris from interfering with speaker performance and lifespan. 

Bullet & In-Ground Styles

An outdoor sound system incorporates these speakers throughout your property amongst landscaping and gardens, so they hide in plain sight without being visually obtrusive. Adding several speakers allows the volume to be played at a lower setting and directed toward seating and entertainment spots, allowing your family and guests to hear the rockin’ tunes without bothering the neighbors.

Rock Speakers

Pool areas often have exciting rock-scaping that adds to the luxury lifestyle aesthetic you’ve expertly curated throughout your backyard. Designed to look like rocks themselves, rock speakers pack performance inside a sturdy package. Keep them poolside, or add them near the firepit for a discreet audio upgrade that keeps the conversations flowing with a fun soundtrack.

Designer Speakers

Designer speakers are crafted to make a bold statement in your backyard. Not only do these custom-made speakers deliver exceptional sound quality, but they also serve as an eye-catching centerpiece that enhances the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space, including your pool area. With a wide range of shapes and materials to choose from, you can find the perfect designer speaker that fits your unique design preferences and complements your backyard decor flawlessly.

Wall-Mounted & In-Ceiling Speakers

Building eaves, patio roofs, and decks are the perfect location for these speakers! Create auditory listening zones – one by the outdoor kitchen, one by the pool, and one by the gazebo – for three distinct listening spaces. Wall-mounted and in-ceiling speakers leave ample room for entertaining without hogging too much square footage in your backyard, so have everyone at the party listen to the same “Chill Party” Spotify playlist or opt for amped-up beats by the pool and more relaxing melodies by conversational areas.

A Piece of the Entertainment Puzzle

An outdoor speaker system can operate as a standalone AV system solely for your yard, or our team can help you incorporate it into your whole-home music system! With the tap of a button, homeowners can manage the music and entertainment in every room – even outside! Prepare dinner in the kitchen while jazz tunes play, then have the music follow you out as you decorate and prepare your patio for an outdoor party or movie night under the stars. 

Doesn’t an outdoor sound system sound exciting? Ramp up your next outdoor gathering by partnering with the Dallas region’s premier AV and automation provider: WH SmartHome! Fill out our contact form here to get started.

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