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My Window Shades Won’t Roll Up. Is There A Better Option?

Woman lowering motorized shades in her living room with an iPad in her hands.

Put Your Shading Woes to Rest with Motorized Shades 

Those pesky window shades. They can be quite bothersome! If you own roller shades, you know all too well that they often don’t rise or lower when you tug on them, staying stuck in one position. You may have to yank and pull at the shade, often causing it to fall out of the window frame and onto the floor. 

Window blinds aren’t any easier. You may try pulling on the cord to open the blinds, only for the slats to fall diagonally or become jammed and stuck. And if you have blinds in every window across the house, you need to pull on many multiple times a day! 

If your shades are this irritating, you may be inclined to keep them closed forever. But there’s an easier way to bathe your Frisco, TX home in natural light. Motorized shades activate across all windows simultaneously, simplifying your daily routine. 

New to motorized shades? Here’s how they work!

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Choose Your Fabric & Style 

Motorized shades come in a variety of styles. Luxury brands like Screen Innovations and Savant offer endless fabric options with varying opacities. Whether you want floor-to-ceiling roller shades, wooden blinds, or thick curtain drapes, your smart home integrator (like our team at WH SmartHome) will help you find a shading style that suits your interior design. Sun-filtering shades can block glare at the perfect moment, while another layer of blackout shades assists the perfect afternoon nap. Whatever your needs, you can find a design you like for motorized shades. 

Wired or Wireless? 

Motorized shades can be powered with batteries or wiring. If you’re renovating your house or building new, we wholeheartedly recommend wiring your shades. This will ensure consistent performance, and you’ll never need to replace batteries. But if wiring isn’t an option, no worries there. Battery-operated shades can still be synced and controlled through your smart home system. 

Controlled From One System 

High-end motorized shades are noteworthy because they can be integrated into a centralized home system and controlled from one interface. That means you can simultaneously control the entire house’s shades, from your bedroom shades to outdoor screens! With one press of a button, you can lower all the window shades—or raise them to the center of the window. 

Do you struggle to wake up in the morning? Reach for your phone and raise the shades in your bedroom and across the house. You’re free to use your smartphone app, wall keypad, handheld remote, or even voice command to manage your motorized shades—whichever method works best! 

Automate to Your Routine 

This is where things get really exciting. When you own a smart home controller like Savant, you can program your motorized shades to follow schedules and react to specific events. If you wake up at seven in the morning, shades can rise then automatically, with no command necessary. And if you leave the house at eight-thirty? Shades will lower as you pull out of the driveway. Heat and temperature sensors can also tell shades to lower, so you preserve the temperature indoors and protect fabrics, photographs, and art from fading. It all happens independently, so you have time to focus on other things. 

If you’d like to learn more about motorized shades and how you can bring this handy technology to your Frisco-area home, contact WH SmartHome here. We look forward to assisting you! 

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