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What Is the Most Useful Home Automation Upgrade?

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Find Smart Technology Solutions That Best Match Your Lifestyle

Are you looking for a home automation company near you to help you with a smart home upgrade? The first step is knowing which features you should add to your Collin County, TX, home. We get a lot of clients in our showroom whose first question is, “What should I install?” We often reply, “What do you want to accomplish?” 

The great thing about our tailor-made solutions is they’re not one-size-fits-all. We won’t try to sell you what you don’t need. All our installations start with a consultation to know precisely why you want an upgrade. Is it to reduce your energy costs? Or do you want to streamline your daily routines?

To help you get some ideas, we outline some common client examples below and the features we typically recommend for them. 

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The Party Host 

Do you host a lot of parties? Then, a multi-room audio system is a must. Savant’s intuitive app makes it a breeze to pull up playlists, adjust the volume, and choose where you want music to play. As the party moves from the kitchen to the patio, one button tap takes the music with you. We also recommend adding lighting control to easily change intensity and colors to set the vibe for guests. Pull up warm, dim lighting for a more intimate dinner party and bright, colorful lights for a more electric gathering. 

The Jetsetter 

If you spend a lot of time away from home, whether for work or pleasure, remote access control and surveillance are a must. Pull up video footage at any time through the Savant App to check in on your home. Also, check to ensure all doors are locked and the alarm set. Do dog walkers or contractors need to enter while you’re away? Give them remote access or provide them with a temporary code to get in so you don’t have to risk leaving a key behind. Integrate “Away” scenes that turn lights on and off and raise and lower shades. These will make your home look occupied and deter intruders. 

The Eco-Conscious 

Three solutions make the biggest difference in reducing energy use: motorized shades, smart thermostats, and lighting control. Motorized shades automatically close during the hottest time of day or when windows get direct sunlight, reducing heat gain. That means your HVAC requires less energy to keep you cool and comfortable. 

Smart thermostats include eco modes, so you’re not wasting energy keeping your home at 65 degrees when no one is there. Have eco modes activated based on schedules, app activation, or motion sensors. Who in your home is in charge of reminding everyone to turn off the lights? Give them a break by using motion sensors to turn off lights in unused rooms—especially in the most common problem areas like bathrooms and closets. 

The right home automation upgrade depends on your unique lifestyle needs. The key is to take the time to get to know you during an initial discovery call. To get started, give us a call or fill out our contact form

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