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4 Misconceptions You May Have About Smart Homes

A woman in bed holding a Savant smart home control remote.

What Life Is Really Like with Smart Home Control 

We’re all about smart homes here (after all, we’re called WH SmartHome). Why? We’ve seen how much home automation brings comfort, security, convenience, and fun to people’s lives. 

When your Frisco, TX, house is equipped with smart home control, all your devices are synced to the same system. Managing a house (or multiple properties) becomes much more manageable. So why are some homeowners still hesitant to get started with smart home technology? 

Their reluctance may be stemming from previous misconceptions about smart home automation. Unless you’ve witnessed it in action, you may not know what it’s like living with a home system like Savant. In this article, we’ll look at four common myths about smart homes so you can get an idea of what to expect. 

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Myth #1: The House Will Be Full of Beeping Gadgets  

Many people immediately think of science fiction when they hear “smart home.” But a real smart home is not like The Jetsons. In reality, smart home technology blends seamlessly into your home, making it even comfier with circadian lighting, automated heating and cooling, and music flowing through every room.  

At its core, a home automation system simplifies how you control your lighting, HVAC, entertainment, security, and more. We can install wall keypads with custom buttons that perfectly match your interior design. And hidden technology solutions, like in-ceiling speakers and TV lifts, disguise tech when not in use. 

Myth #2: I Can DIY My Own Smart Home   

Building your own smart home system is not impossible, but it’s not as simple as ordering a few smart bulbs and thermostats. After all, you shouldn’t need to juggle different remotes and pages of apps just to live in your house. 

A true smart home consolidates all your subsystems—lighting, motorized shading, security, entertainment, and more—into one intuitive interface. This requires a sophisticated system like Savant that’s available only through a certified dealer. We wire and program the system to follow custom automation that suits your needs and preferences. Building such a complex system across an entire property is best in the hands of a professional. 

Myth #3: I’m Not Tech-Savvy Enough for a Smart Home

Never let this belief hold you back! Smart home controllers like Savant include intuitive, user-friendly interfaces on screens and panels. If you’ve ever used a smartphone before, you can handle a home automation system. 

And when you partner with a smart home company like WH SmartHome, we’ll demonstrate how to use your system and can eliminate any buttons or controls that you won’t use to simplify the experience. 

Myth #4: Smart Homes Are More Likely to Get Hacked 

Another common myth is that smart homes are exceptionally vulnerable to hacking and cyberattacks. Data privacy is one of our top concerns, and we exclusively use hardware and software that are up-to-date with firewalls, encryptions, and robust network passwords. If you’re at all worried about privacy, that’s another reason to have your smart home checked by a professional. 

Curious to learn more about smart home control? WH SmartHome is Frisco’s destination for all home technology solutions. Call us at 972-521-1208 or send us a message to get started! 

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