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How Home Automation Saves Time & Simplifies Daily Life

A family in a bright, modern kitchen with Savant smart home keypads on the wall.

Make Home Less Hectic, More Comfortable 

Do you feel busy most of the time? Are your to-do lists never-ending? Take a load off with home automation! 

Many people imagine a smart home would create complexity and add distractions with alerts, multiple apps and gadgets, but the exact opposite is true. Home automation fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, adjusting and adapting to your routines so your lighting, HVAC, security, entertainment, and more are always set to your preferences. 

Home automation can help you save time in many ways. Here’s what you can expect for your Frisco, TX, home. 

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The Perfect Temperature, Automatically 

When integrated with smart home systems like Savant, HVAC control becomes effortless, freeing you from lifting a finger. As you begin your day, intelligent sensors communicate with your AC or heating, ensuring a cozy temperature. And when you step out, occupancy sensors and schedules automatically prompt the HVAC system to power off. You won’t need to remember to turn it off manually!

Automated Lighting for Effortless Control 

Picture this: you’re preparing to head out for dinner at a restaurant. Instead of going from room to room, manually switching off lights, imagine using the Savant Pro app or your Savant Pro remote to effortlessly turn off the entire house in one simple action.

With a single tap, you can even activate outdoor lights that follow a pre-set schedule, ensuring they turn off by the time you retire to bed. Even when you’re away from home, the ability to remotely turn lights on and off makes lighting control an effortless task.

Save Time with Motorized Shades 

Managing window shades in a home with multiple windows, especially large floor-to-ceiling ones, can be time-consuming. However, you can simplify this daily chore with automated window treatments integrated into your Savant system. With a quick tap on your phone or wall keypad, you can raise every shade simultaneously or schedule them to rise at the same time each morning. 

Create a Secure and Convenient Departure 

Leaving the house can be stressful when there are multiple things to remember, especially if you have children. But with a Savant smart home, you can activate automated door locks, arm security alarms, turn off lights, and power down any electronics with a single command. Press an “Away” button on the wall or in the Savant app, and your house will prepare for your departure instantly. And if you forget something, just open the Savant Pro app on the go, navigate to the relevant room, and with a tap, turn off the device. It’s as simple as that!

Arrive at a Welcoming Home after Your Workday

Arriving home after a tiring day at work should be an inviting experience, free from any semblance of chaos. Thanks to your home automation system, your house becomes a haven of tranquility at the push of a button. Picture this: as you step inside, you effortlessly control the ambiance with a single press, illuminating the entire space with the ideal brightness level. Simultaneously, the shades descend, and the tunes of your favorite music begin to play, inviting you to relax for the evening.

With every detail taken care of, you can finally sink into a cozy seat, ready to surrender yourself to pure tranquility.

Savant smart systems have revolutionized the concept of a modern home, offering homeowners a seamless way to simplify their daily routines, enhance security, and save valuable time. Embrace the power of smart home automation and contact WH SmartHome in Frisco, Texas, to get started! 

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