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5 Unique Ways to Use Landscape Lighting

A backyard and firepit area illuminated by landscape lighting.

With Smart Outdoor Lighting, the Possibilities Are Endless 

When most people and brands talk about “lighting control,” they’re referring to indoor lighting. But that’s only half the experience! Smart systems can (and absolutely should) apply to outdoor lighting, too. 

If you’re thinking of installing lighting control in your Frisco, TX, home, landscape lighting can absolutely be part of the system. While landscape lighting is important to see after dark and create a safer home environment, here are five additional (and fun) reasons to make your landscape lighting ‘smart.’ 

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Transform the Mood 

Color-tunable lighting isn’t only for the indoors! You can use a lighting control system like Savant to alter the color temperature and brightness of all your landscape lights in one command. 

If you want bright, icy white to highlight your home’s architectural details, select lights through the system interface and slide your finger on the color wheel. Prefer golden tones in the backyard to create a cozy, romantic environment? You don’t have to stay committed to one permanent look, and can even schedule landscape lights to adjust automatically. 

Have Fun with Color All Year Long

Who says you can only tune your lights to different shades of white? Let your creativity flow and play with colors by adjusting the hue anytime on the Savant app—an easy way to decorate for parties and holidays.  Set the lights to red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July, or select ghoulish purple, green, and orange at Halloween. In the backyard, funky rainbow colors create a nightlife atmosphere to pair with cocktails and music. 

Highlight Architecture & Landscape 

Landscape lighting is often used for general ambient lighting, but you can also apply it directly to accentuate architecture and unique landscaping. Lights can add a dramatic flair to trees in the front yard or call attention to attractive stonework and sculptures. If you have a green thumb, use smart lighting to highlight your colorful garden, artistically emphasizing different plants and flowers.

Guide the Way with Light 

Landscape lighting can also create walking pathways for safe navigation at night. Small satellite lights may be integrated into the overall lighting system and scheduled to activate after dusk. You can also use landscape lighting to create different zones in the lawn, such as a lounge area, dining area, and backyard play area. 

Combine with Outdoor Audio 

Real home automation allows you to sync multiple devices and control them simultaneously. You can connect landscape lights with other outdoor technologies, like weatherproof speakers and outdoor TVs, to activate in unison. With one command, you can start playing music and turn on lights for the ideal atmosphere. Past a certain hour, music will automatically quiet as some lights dim or turn off. 

Landscape lighting can transform the look and feel of your outdoor spaces. By using a smart lighting system, you’ll cultivate the perfect mood, guide your guests safely, and even enhance your audio experience. So why wait? Start exploring the possibilities of landscape lighting today!

Contact WH SmartHome to learn more about our smart lighting and outdoor entertainment installations. We look forward to working with you! 

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